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Photo by Charles Forerunner

Break Silos -
implement a Collaborative spirit

The Problem:
Silo structures

One of the main problems in todays organisations is the tendency of teams to cultivate silos.
Instead of building and maintaining open, cross-functional networks that reach across the entire organisation and beyond, teams develop „gated communities“, reducing connectivity to a minimum.
The result is a loss of dynamic, a low level of agility and a reduced capacity to master challenges.
Instead of building open networks, your people build closed tribes.

Does this sound familiar to you?

According to studies, 41% of the global workforce are considering resigning from their current roles.
Money and the promise of promotion aren’t keeping them there.
After two years of remote work, many employees don’t want to work in an office or they’re resigning all together. 

Here’s what’s going on.

Sound familiar?

Lack of communication and shared goals between people and departments leading to doubled work, communication breakdown and long, inefficient meetings

Finding and retaining high-performing employees

Disagreements and challenges are discouraged, everyone follows the leader, which results in lack of innovation and progress

People unwilling to return to the workplace, which leads to employee attrition and brain drain

Employees experience goal uncertainty, lack of trustful work relationships and separate, opposing agendas

The Solution:
A cross-functional collaborative mindset.

Cross-functional collaboration training SDG17 Copyright Alina Grubnyak
Photo by Alina Grubnyak

To break these silos, you have to train your teams to open up and connect.
You have to teach them how to build new internal and external networks.
But you can’t force them. You’ll have to inspire them.
This is why 17ACADEMY uses entertaining podcast formats. With expert talks and masterclasses we transmit practical knowhow right into your colleagues‘ brains.
Using this method, you will see a new collaborative spirit growing in 3-6 months… and new networks evolve around your organisation.

Your Post-Covid Collaboration Boot Camp

Cross-functional collaboration training SDG17 Alexander S Wolf Sanofi
Alexander S. Wolf

17Academy offers an extensive training program for
cross-functional collaboration and networking across all levels:
from employee to C-level.

In the last 20+ years we have helped thousands of organisations leverage their full potential by implementing stronger and more sustainable collaborative skills.
Companies that work with us experience increased employee loyalty, shorter communication pathways and broader social coherence throughout their organisations.

Easy access - good acceptance - fast results

We designed 17ACADEMY as a modern user experience, applying a netflix-like interface and an approach similar to apple-podcasts.
Thus we achieve a very high acceptance and a steep learning curve with our users. With the 17ACADEMY concept, you will see your team learn fast, autonomously and engaged.

Here’s what’s inside:

• 8 x 45-min videos with founder Alexander S. Wolf who trains you and your employees to develop the right mindset, skills, structure as well as foundational knowledge for networking and collaboration

• 2 weekly telegram “Ask me anything” sessions with Alexander S. Wolf

• 1 weekly 60-90 min live call with Alexander for your individual questions answered in real time

• Workbook and weekly assignments

• Build exclusive or cross-organizational mastermind groups after the program

• Access to platform and training podcasts (50 interviews/classes, more added on a weekly basis)

• 2x evaluations (before and after the program)

SDG17 certification for companies and individual employee certificates

THE PROGRAM - details


Up to 150


60.000 EURO


12 weeks


Includes 25 MasterClasses, ca. 40 Xpert talks + special series)
12 months


60 min live classes
2 Seminars


45 Min. video courses, tailor made for your company´s demands, with Alexander S.Wolf
8 tailor made training videos


accompanying workbook and assigments for high intensity learning
Weekly tasks


60-90 min live call with Alexander S Wolf for individual questions in real time
1 per week


Internal telegram channel for conitnous rapid reaction tutoring service
7 days/week tutoring service


Pre- & Post-program team evaluation ("how collaborative is your team?")
2 evaluations (before + after program)


Establishing of cross-organizational mastermind-groups to spread collaboration spirit in the company
1-4 evangelist groups


SDG17 certificate for your CSR work and PR
1 certificate for company + personal certificates for all participants

Do you Qualify for this program?

Cross-functional collaboration training SDG17 Copyright Kqu fxyo
Photo by Kqu fxyo

We work with the very best, which is why spots are limited to 3 programs a year.

That way our clients receive individual attention and guidance. In turn, our clients commit to investing the necessary time and energy to complete the program. This mutual commitment allows us to produce tangible and sustainable results for everybody.

Can you invest the resources?

If you aren’t at least as invested in your success as we are, your company won’t change. We like to work with clients who commit to the program fully and allocate the necessary resources to it.

Are you coachable?

We select companies based on their potential for change because we want you to be able to reach your goals. Only people willing to change are able to change. That is who we work with.

Let’s talk:

In a first-free-consultation a decision maker at your company and a member of 17academy will have a chance to speak about your goals and those of the program to decide whether or not we’re a perfect match. Just write to us to schedule your appointment.

Fair Pricing and a Good Cause

The Global Goals for Sustainable Development

17ACADEMY was created by non profit foundation AusserGewöhnlich Berlin: a free SDG17 educational platform for NGOs and activists fighting for the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals.
We deliver world class expert know-how to improve the collaborative skills of the whole sustainability scene, thus helping to save this planet.

To be able to provide this free service for our non commercial users, we charge corporates.
But don’t worry, you can afford it.

Experience with cross-functional collaboration training for corporations

Cross-functional collaboration training SDG17 Alexander S Wolf Foundation Germany Copyright Thomas Kierok
Alexander S. Wolf

17ACADEMY host Alexander S. Wolf is one of the most renowned experts in networking training,
cross-functional collaboration and community building.
Since 20 years, he teaches teams in NGOs, corporates and embassies.

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