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our network

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We love the Berlin mix.

A good network is characterized by its diversity. At AusserGewöhnlich Berlin, corporations connect with art collectives, younger people with older people, ADHD with autism, creative people with organizational talent, the Berghain with the TV tower - ideas with resources.

Relaxed togetherness

When you meet AusserGewöhnliche Berliner:Innen, you can trust them. We are open, we like to help - and we have integrity: We don't promise anything false, we don't pretend.
Wir sind so, weil wir gelernt haben, dass ein schönes Leben aus guten, nachhaltigen, echten Beziehungen besteht.
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Mauerpark to adlon

Our network meets at weekly network meetings, which we call salons (more about the salons here). Legendary is the extraordinary atmosphere of our salons, which are always held in different places.

City Ground Support

Besides the salons, the network lives through daily mutual support of the members. A pool of contacts consisting of 250 people (well connected in their respective scene) that all can access, coordinated by our team.


The first professional development platform for Sustainable Development Goal 17: How to build and foster partnerships.


Experience new networking from Berlin.