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A network of a new kind.

After a decade of networking with embassies, Alexander S. Wolf wanted to experience something different from the usual networking of elites.
So in 2009 he founded a new kind of network with Giada Armani: more open, more entertaining, more reliable and above all: more unusual.

The merge of Rotary and Berghain

AusserGewöhnlich Berlin is the somewhat unusual way in which Berliners connect with each other.
The most modern and the most traditional concept in one club: old salon culture meets today's spirit, high integrity meets great openness.
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The science
of practice.

With the affiliated Dictyonomy Institute for Value-Based Networking, experience has been gathered, evaluated and put back into practice since 2009.

Pandemic learnings

During the Corona lockdowns, AusserGewöhnlich Berlin became one of the most active citizen networks in Germany's capital. From this new strength came an idea: Why don't we use our Berlin experience to help good networks worldwide?

Helping the world network.

That is why AusserGewöhnlich Berlin has been a (non-profit) foundation under civil law since the end of 2021 - and GmbH&Co.KG is 100% owned by this foundation. Since then, our resources have served one goal: to pass on networking knowledge to people worldwide who are working to save our world.

Finally implement SDG17 in practice.

To this end, Stiftung AusserGewöhnlich Berlin is working on "Sustainable Development Goal 17" of the UN Agenda 2030: PARTNERSHIPS. From Berlin we collect and curate practical network know-how and send it for free to the NGOs and purpose companies worldwide that need it. We call this podcast platform "17 / Academy". It is supported by our members and paid subscriptions from the business community.

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The first professional development platform for Sustainable Development Goal 17: How to build and foster partnerships.


Experience new networking from Berlin.