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17ACADEMY by Foundation AusserGewöhnlich Berlin is the only collaboration and networking tool you’ll ever need.

For over 15 years, founder and chairman Alexander S. Wolf has been training NGOs and corporations how to stop operating in silos and instead work in cross-functional collaboration.
Major organizations like Bosch, St. Gallen University, Credit Suisse, Deutsche Bahn or Porsche have trusted his expertise and learned how to create greater impact by revamping their team's communication habits and mindset.

About us Chairman and Founder Alexander S. Wolf

Alexander S. WOLF

Chairman and Founder

Europe's networking authority and inventor of Dictyonomy (the discipline of sustainable, value-based networking), Alexander has been passionate about building communities his entire life. But he hasn’t stopped there. In founding one of the most active civic-society networks of Germany's capital, AusserGewöhnlich Berlin, he has made it his mission to place all this knowledge in pursuit of the UN 2030 Agenda, specifically SDG #17: Partnerships. In the coming years, Alexander will be teaching even more organizations around the globe how to better “Collaborate to Save the World.”

Alexander draws his methodology from his expertise as a Cross-Collaboration expert, his natural networking abilities, and his vast experience in the media, diplomacy, culture and business arena. His signature masterclasses are taught in person and online. The style is personable and practical, making his method one of the most successful collaboration methods Europewide.

About us Head of 17ACADEMY Ricardia Bramley

Ricardia Bramley

Head of 17ACADEMY

Ricardia is the brain behind 17ACADEMY. 

She is the main communication hub of the foundation, talking, writing and producing for 17ACADEMY.org.

Ricardia has enough passports to run her own secret-agent network. Not only does nobody know how many countries she hails from, she also has too many skills for anyone to know what she does. She has written a book, produces countless podcasts, for us as well as her own, and, though she hates to talk about it, she used to be an actor and a yoga teacher for men.

For Foundation AusserGewöhnlich Berlin, Ricardia is something of a verbal missile, projecting our message into the world. 

About us Club Manager Johannes Bube

Johannes Bube

Club Manager

As Berlin's SuperConnector and secret mayor, Johannes is the man about town. 250 select members of Club AusserGewöhnlich Berlin trust his “match-making” expertise and vast network of people from all walks of life and every niche in Berlin. One of the occasions for which he brings the right people together is during our weekly business-meets-art-meets-unconventional-Salons, held in exclusive locations all around town.

These proven networking formats and countless events around town are where the connecting magic happens. Johannes gets people to cross-fertilize ideas and projects in order to create unconventional collaborations in an informal setting. Johannes knows all the secret doors of Berlin, but most importantly: he knows their keyholders.

About us Editorial Assistant Anna Fiene

anna Fiene

Editorial Assistant

Anna is our editorial assistant for the AusserGewöhnlich Berlin magazine. Nothing you see on our website that hasn’t gone across her desk. She has an incredible talent for locating special voices and experts, wherever they may hide. 

If you ask Anna, she’ll tell you she doesn’t really want to work. Luckily, she is so damn good at what she does that she is faster than most. That allows her to spend more time playing beach volleyball or tracking down the newest hip hop beats.

About us Head of Operations Mailin Pretschner

Mailin Pretschner

Head of Operations

Mailin is the one who holds this whole operation together. She is our IT and admin expert, the backbone, the machine room, the brain behind the network. Mailin's ability to remember each and every member, number or contract wording is uncanny. We sometimes wonder if she is a robot because she just doesn’t make any mistakes. If she is, she is certainly the nicest one on the planet. 

If you need to get in touch with us for anything regarding the club, the foundation or 17ACADEMY, Mailin is the woman to know.