To save the world, we need to connect better.

With the Agenda 2030, the United Nations has defined the 17 goals we need to achieve to give us a future worth living. All over the world, people are working on these goals. If they network better with each other, we have a chance.

SDG No.17: Partner

That is why Goal No.17 is a "meta-goal": Partnerships For The Goals. We can only achieve the 16 goals that are essential for survival if we tackle them together and in a well-coordinated manner. The 17/Academy is dedicated to this goal: Continuing Education in Partnership Know-How.

The first cooperation
academy worldwide.

On the podcast platform 17 / Academy, NGOs, purpose companies and SDG activists worldwide can access expertise for free: Master Classes from networking experts, interviews, how-tos and case studies - everything about building and maintaining cooperation networks.

And the economy also benefits:

Commercial companies finance the 17 / Academy. They can use the platform to train employees in important topics: Collaboration, Group-Identity, Network-Building, Relationship-management, etc.. In this way, they strengthen their teams in times of transformation and improve their sustainability reporting at the same time.


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