Daiana Lou became famous by X Factor Italia. Now they want to grow up in Berlin.

When talent and passion come together. Italian musicians Daiana Mingarelli and Luca Pignalberi, known as Daiana Lou. ©Giada Berlin

Just a guitar and an extraordinary voice. Daiana Lou about the challenges of life and the power of music.

What does it mean to leave home? Italian musicians Daiana Lou from X-Factor Italy told us their views about emotions, politics and the aim to bring people together.

Let`s start with the most difficult question in the beginning. Why are you doing this? You could have a nice job, monthly payment, safety, a career. Instead you`re playing in the street not having money.

Luca Pignalberi: We need that challenge with ourselves in life, we need the freedom of the streets. To spend our days doing the same things wouldn`t be us and wouldn´t feel free.

Daiana Mingarelli: And if we had chosen another kind of life we probably hadn`t met each other. When you meet a lot of great people you get the chance to choose which kind of life inspires you and makes you happy. In the year I met Luca I broke with my past and was searching for inspiring people, because I felt the need to know a lot of stories, a lot of pain, a lot of the amazing beauty of life.

When I met Luca I felt this kind of freedom inside him and we started to go in this direction and do this whole thing together. We felt the need to make our music without any rules. We just wanted to share our emotions and the work we made in the rehearsal room.

Daiana Lou is a duo not just in musicial terms.

Daiana Lou found each other not just as musicians. ©Giada Berlin

Luca: We wrote our songs and said: “Hey, let´s go out and see what happens!“

So you say that, to become happy, one needs to follow his instincts and to meet people who also follow their instincts? Sounds nice, but perhaps in the end you both go bancrupt and die poor.

Luca: You´re not poor on the streets, we gain well enough to survive. About same as if we would work in an office or a bar. And with the time we become known by the people and start to grow our music and our business.

„If you do things with passion and energy you will not go bancrupt.“

Daiana: And if I died I knew that Luca would go on very well, because we´ve learned so much from each other. And if we break up one day we both know what kind of life we want.

Daiana Lou released their first album “Streetherapy“ end of 2017. The duo became known in Italy by the TV show „X Factor“.

Musicians are a minority in society. We´re talking about less then one percent of society. Do you think you have something like an “elite-life-style“? Not everybody can choose to be free and do something that is the completely opposite than the average.

Daiana: If You mean that living a free life is an elite-lifestyle, then yes, we are priviledged. But we just wanted to dedicate our life to music. We started to play in bars and clubs and then in the street. And this thing, I don´t know how to call it, started to grow and in the end we became who we are now. Not everybody can live his life as free as we do. But everybody can follow his dreams.

Luca: This is our mission: We are not doing this just for us. Everybody has something that touches him, and for most people it´s music.

Change as leitmotiv: the artists of Daiana Lou

Not just loud. Daiana is the voice of Daiana Lou while Luca plays the guitar. ©Giada Berlin

„If we made music just for us we`d just stay in the rehearsal room. But we are outside to share our ideals and our message to all the people.“

Now imagine: I´m a secretary and say: “Wow. This is cool. Sounds great to move to a foreign country and live free!“ But as a secretary you don´t have the chances like a musician. So what´s the message for the secretary who can not play music?

Luca: We hope that when people you hear us playing in the streets they can stop at least for a minute and forget all the trouble around them and the problems in life. This way you can turn back to your routine with a refreshed mind. And perhaps feel inspired to realize their dreams, to move a little bit into the direction of their inspirations.

But what´s the general message behind that?

Daiana: There´s only the message we can share trough our music. So what we try to do with our lyrics and music is to give weak people a voice. People who cannot make their dreams come true because of different reasons like age, problems in society or their families.

Luca: And we´re trying to encourage them and make them believe that they can also do good things. Maybe we can give them a little impulse to feel stronger. Sometimes it´s enough to change the little things. It was a magic moment for us when we understood that we can help these people to understand this trough our music. That´s our biggest goal.

Busking as an act of freedom: Daiana Lou began their journey in the clubs of Berlin and discovered their love for Berlin´s multicultural streets.

Can you give us four recommendations for a happy life?

Daiana: First: Be brave, even when the people sorrunding you seem to endlessly fight against you. That means don´t only follow their rules, but having a clear idea what your heart and your soul want. That´s important for a free life. Second: Try to always tell the truth.

Luca: Third: Don´t be scared of change.

„Enjoy the diversity of different people, ideas and cultures, that´s true enrichment.“

Fourth: Treat everybody with respect, from the homless guy to the business person. And then, if I may ad one more, Fifth: Try to learn something new every day.
And over all: Improve the life of at least one person, that´s a power you certainly have. When we play for ten people, let one be a homeless, another a young guy who returns from school, we want to become the soundtrack for these people´s day. That´s our life and our biggest aim: become the soundtrack of these people. And maybe they associate their holiday in Berlin or in Rome with our music. And their life improves just a little bit.

Having a lot of fun: Daiana Lou.

Daiana Lou have a lot to say. ©Giada Berlin

By the way. Berlin-Rome: you made a step which for most people is difficult. Everybody wants a home, wants to live in a group they can indentify with, or wants a family. Now what you´ve done is leaving your home, leaving your country. Now you´re foreigners. You have to fight fort he basic things, you don´t speak the language.

Daiana: The life we chose is not easy. But we came from a country which is dying. In these conditions we didn´t want to live. There are a lot of Italians in Berlin, we´re not the only ones. But we can take a lot of inspiration from our recent situation. We´re focused. Our idea is to play a lot outside, maybe have a big tour. And we´re sure, when we make a lot of sacrifices, we can reach that goal. We´ve learned what sacrifices are. We always had to fight, spent a lot of time and energy to reach what we wanted.

Daiana Lou didn´t see any perspectives in Rome anymore and came to Berlin. Change is a leitmotiv in the work of the duo which is also a couple in real life.

You said Italy is dying. Do you still belong to Italy or did you cut your roots?

Luca: The situation there is very hard. There are no jobs, a lot of corruption, no respect for the law and society. And this whole situation influences also our life as musicians. You play music in a club and people don´t really accept that. When you play for them they can´t really enjoy the music, they aren´t free. Their minds are dealing with all the kinds of things they´re struggeling with. Some of them have no job and no idea how to pay the rent or feed their children. You feel this misery and stress around you. “Easyness“ is missing.

Stronger together: Daiana Lou

Daiana Lou´s aim is to imrpove the situation in their hometown. ©Giada Berlin

So what should Italians do? You can´t just change politics. You´ve tried but you can´t challenge corruption. If I was living in Italy, what should I do? Just leave the country?

Luca: It´s not just leaving the country. A lot of my friends who are older than me and spent their time there feel suffocated by living there. It´s our dream to travel a few years around Europe and improve our own situation so one day we can return and help to make Italy a better place.

„It´s our dream to travel a few years around Europe and improve our own situation so one day we can return and help to make Italy a better place.“

So you want to go out, become stronger and then help or change something.

Daiana: I love my country and it was a big sacrifice to leave it behind and come to Berlin. I miss Italy and I miss a lot of things there. But it was the only chance we had in the moment. Surely, we hope to come back some day. Sometimes it´s just the right thing to leave your place, leave everything behind you and stop running for a while until the situation maybe changes one day. It seemes to be the only solution. The political situation absolutely has to change. We couldn´t change that much apart from going out and start to create something.

The belief to improve the world and learn from it´s mistakes is one of the main inspirational sources for Daiana Lou.

Now, at the end: Three things that you would never do?

Luca: What I would never do is abuse weaker people. And when I say that I would never abuse people it includes a lot of other things.

Daiana: I would never cheat Luca. And never use music just to show something I have. And never eat a …. yogurt (laughs).

Thinking of what the future will bring. Daiana Lou have big plans.

"Sometimes it´s okay to break the rules". Daiana Lou decided to have an uncommon lifestyle. ©Giada Berlin

And three things you always do?

Luca: What I´m always doing is to think about our project and how it can grow. I´m doing this at day, at night, when I go runnning, playing football, watching a political interview on TV and even when I go to the toilet.

Daiana: I always use music to make people feel better.

Luca: I´m always trying to give my best to relax people and let them feel more comfortable.

Daiana: And I always keep playing with German children, although they don´t laugh with me because their parents don´t let them play with me. Because I´m a stranger (laughs).

Luca: I always take care of Daiana.

Daiana: And I always text my mother every night before I go to bed.

The art of busking: like many other great artists their journey started on the street.

From the street to the stage: Daiana Lou developed their skills on the street. ©Giada Berlin

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