Burlesque Berlin: Bath in the clubroom of 1842 HEIMAT BERLIN

The Grand Tease by Hoochie Koo ©AusserGewöhnlich Berlin

Our blue bunny about the best Burlesque Berlin hotspots

Burlesque Berlin: We talk to Scotty The Blue Bunny about The Grand Tease. The new hotspot for burlesque in Berlin is The Grand in Mitte.

Burlesque Berlin: There is a new hotspot for Burlesque in Berlin.

The event series „The Grand Tease“ at Alexanderplatz. International burlesque stars come together in our clubroom of 1842 in The Grand and give you the hottest show you can get in Berlin.

We talk to Scotty The Blue Bunny, the only real blue bunny and host of the show.

Berlin Burlesque: The Grand Tease by Hoochie Koo

The Grand Tease ©AusserGewöhnlich Berlin

Why should I watch The Grand Tease? Is it the best Burlesque Berlin Show?

The Grand Tease is a full night of entertainment in a unique venue with feature performers, go-go dancers, great music, ambient installations and a dance floor! It’s a dance party with a show and between all of that are atmospheric things going on all over the place.

There’s different rooms to chill out in between the main presentation and TheGrand is like a Grand Hotel –  a great place to hang out in.

When you leave the The Grand Tease you feel more like you are part of a community than in an audience. You can hear great music, dance with new friends, and watch a few of them take off their clothes on stage!
It’s a real Berlin party where everything is happening all around you.

Burlesque Berlin: The show The Grand Tease

AusserGewöhnlich Berlin at the show The Grand Tease ©AusserGewöhnlich Berlin

What does the blue bunny have to do with Burlesque?

I’m a host and MC since 1996. First generation Neo performer out of NYC.

Where does Burlesque come from? Can you briefly tell us something about the history of Burlesque?

Burlesque is the original fun and sexy adult entertainment. Contemporary shows are based on the idea of old-fashioned bawdy American vaudeville/variety stage shows that featured a stripping dancer, but included comics, singers, acrobats and live music etc.

We talk with Scotty The Blue Bunny at The Grand Tease

Drinks, People and the hottest show ©AusserGewöhnlich Berlin

Many people say Burlesque is for chubby women, who do not dare to really strip. What would you say?

To burlesque is to entertain, period. Whatever you look like. Can a person entertain well?  Are they any good? That has nothing to do with body type, age, gender, ethnicity, etc. When a person comes to a Burlesque show they should expect to see great professional entertainers. That’s it.

What can we learn from Burlesque?

You can learn how to sew.

Join The Grand Tease: AusserGewöhnlich Berlin is watching the burlesque berlin show

Late Night Salon and Berlin Burlesque ©AusserGewöhnlich Berlin

I want to hang out in a typical Burlesque Berlin spot. Where can I experience this?

Oh. I’m not about to call any Burlesque event in Berlin typical! There’s lots of great producers, festivals, semi and regular shows with great local and international talent. Just be a slut about and buy a ticket to any of them! All of them!

The berlin burlesque show The Grand Tease

The members of AusserGewöhnlich Berlin at The Grand Tease ©AusserGewöhnlich Berlin

Thank you for the interview Scotty the Blue Bunny! We looking forward to the next Burlesque Berlin Show The Grand Tease.

Berlin Burlesque: Scotty The Blue Bunny at The Grand

Berlin Burlesque: Meet Scotty The Blue Bunny at The Grand ©AusserGewöhnlich Berlin

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